Our DTA Start-ups

Our DTA-Startups

Here we present our success stories – start-up teams from all former DTF Batches  that have already made it. We are super proud of each and everyone of them 🙂


Evolonic (DTF B#8)

Evolonic is a Start-up specialized in long range drones, which is currently in the pre-spin-off phase. Evolonic offers a service for automatic early detection of forest fires to minimize the risks they pose to people, responders, and the environment. The Start-up is a research initiative located @uni_fau. They have generated know-how in the design and construction of high-end long-range battery electric drones. Evolonic built a a sensor system for ist drones an developed an AI for detection of forest fires.

Good to know: Now Evolonic is planning a pilot project to test the business concept of a service for government agencies, for regular monitoring of wildfire risk areas and to generate funding fort the upcoming spin-off.

More information: evolonic.de
Instagram: @evolonic

Libati (DTF B#4)

The app for the chronically ill people – so to say the tripadvisor for chronically ill people. With this app a person with a chronic disease can easily find locations (hotels, bars, restaurants, cafés etc.) which are suitable for their illness. Everbody can use the app to rate locations and with that help chronically ill people find places that are suitable for them (e.g. not too many stairs for asthmatics etc.)

Good to know: Successful Crowdfunding Campaign and launch of App

More information: libati.org
LinkedIn: libati
Instagram: @libati_de

Check out this article about Libati: https://www.blog.wiso.uni-erlangen.de/libati-das-tripadvisor-fuer-chronisch-erkrankte

And here you can download the app: Google Play Store


Arfinity (DTF B#3)

arfinity is a young tech startup that brings Augmented Reality to the world of trade fairs. Established by three ambitious founders, arfinity enables completely new ways of product presentation and interaction, offering significant value for all stakeholders at trade fairs. In an easy and cost-efficient configuration tool, exhibitors can create their own AR content and showcase a bigger portfolio in the form of true-to-original 3D-models during events. The intuitive arfinity app lets visitors view the content of all exhibitors in just one mobile application and offers useful features to increase the value of a trade fair visit, like the digital collection of information. During the Corona pandemic, arfinity complements hybrid or fully digital events by adding the possibility of a remote one-on-one explanation system, especially for complex products. Everyone benefits from this: trade fair event, exhibitors and visitors!

Good to know: Successful foundation of a GmbH in January 2021.

More information: arfinity.io
LinkedIn: arfinity!

Check out this article about arfinity: https://www.blog.wiso.uni-erlangen.de/arfinity-ein-startup-zeigt-wie-digitalisierung-in-der-messe-branche-funktioniert



InVRtual offers an XR communication platform, which provides immersive experience for presentations, collaboration and training in virtual spaces. Design your own 3D Avatar and dive into the world of Extended Reality. The tool offers the opportunity to meet face-to-face in the digital space and interact seamlessly with objects, whiteboards, and your teammates! No software installation is needed since it’s a web-based solution, which works from your web browser. It ́s also independent from the device of your choice and works for everybody. Conduct a workshop using whiteboards or digitally craft prototypes – all in one virtual space!

Good to know: FAU President Prof. Dr. Hornegger was their first Demo Avatar.

More information: invrtual.de


WirBier (DTF B#4)

The open-source brewery: brew beer with own receipe, sell it and donate 10 cents per bottle to support water projects in developing countries. WirBier brews locally and guarantees compliance with all business partners through trusted and long-term relationships. It ́s also a Non-Profit-Organisation and gives you the opportunity to do something good whilst drinking beer!

Good to know: Maker of the official FAU Beer 2020: Friedrich and Wilhelmine

More information: wirbier.org
Instagram: @wirbier_org

Check out the articles about WirBier:



Oculai (DTF B#6)

Oculai is a solution for camera-based data collection on construction sites. Intelligent computer vision algorithms extract data on resource utilization, construction performance and construction progress from image material. This automates time-consuming documentation and reveals productivity deficits in individual processes at an early stage. The data is prepared for the user via an interactive dashboard, or imported into an existing BIM model. The reduced documentation and communication effort and productivity analysis of individual processes result in significant savings potential for construction companies.

Good to know: Successfull EXIST Application and they now have their office at ZOLLHOF – Tech Incubator

More Information: oculai.de
LinkedIn: Oculai




Neuroo (DTF B#4)

Your digital learning companion which helps you to stay on track while studying (especially important with mostly online lectures), and shows you how to learn and how to get the most out of your study time. Neuroo was developed to make learning more effective and enjoyable. Learning with neuroo is like playing a game. Earn experience points, track your progress, and unlock rewards for continuous

Good to know: Since July 2020 available for FAU students. Go check it out!

More Information: neuroo.de
LinkedIn: Neuroo
Instagram: @neuroo_learning



the right choice (DTF B#5)

Your sustainable shopping App. the right choice makes sustainable and healthy shopping a no-brainer! The team helps you to easily find out about the nutritional values, allergens and sustainability labels of your favorite products and bring the necessary transparency to your daily purchasing decisions! the right choice provides you with product-specific sustainability information clearly and transparently in a sustainability score as you plan your shopping – specifically for your local supermarket.

Good to know: If you are an Android user and are interested in giving feedback and actively help to shape the #UX and #UI of the right choice, please contact one of us personally to receive a Beta version.

More Information: the-right-choice.de
LinkedIn: the right choice
Instagram: @therightchoiceapp