Welcome to the FAU – Digital Tech Academy

The Digital Tech Academy is the overarching HUB for digitization and entrepreneurship at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg. It is embeded into the university department ‘Knowledge and Technology Transfer’ (Kontaktstelle WTT) which is the single point of contact for Spin-off services, joint r&d projects, IP management, continuing education and event management.

We at the Digital Tech Academy scale and professionalize digital entrepreneurship endeavors at the FAU and  integrate existing (extra-) curricular offerings and provide novel formats with charisma and leverage.
In addition, we frame, harmonize, and build a central platform for all offerings in the field of “Digital Entrepreneurship”.

The Digital Tech Academy secures its high quality expectations through:

+ a direct connection to the university administration
+ a board with central responsibilities
+ a network throughout all faculties and university institutions
+ the close relationship to the tech incubator Zollhof
+ through the seamless cooperation with the Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern
+ with support from the FAU spin-off services

The Digital Tech Academy consists of two main pillars – The Digital Tech Fellows Program and The Digital Tech Inspire Program.


The Digital Tech Fellows Program

The Digital Tech Fellows Program is an one year elite program for entrepreneurial and tech talents at FAU, educating future digital changemakers. It contains per batch five challenge-based innovation projects which come either from the participants themselves or are wildcard challenges from the university professorships.

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“I applied for the FAU Digital Tech Fellows Program to practically learn and experience how to build a start-up, not in theory.”
Martin Kaller – Team Roadius

Please find the detailed information under the Student Program…

The Digital Tech Inspire Program

The Digital Tech Inspire Program focuses on new innovative and interdisciplinary teaching / qualification formats, fostering digitization, entrepreneurship and innovation skills. We design and develop train-the-trainer modules for fundamentally revised innovation methods. Furthermore we also tailor target group-specific events for the open dialogue between entrepreneurship, research and practice.

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Who are we

We are a team with a broad range of skills:
+ Innovation
+ Programming
+ Entrepreneurship
+ App Development
+ Research & Pre-Incubation
+ International Business Studies

Dr. Sebastian Engel sebastian.engel@fau.de +49 151 671 13813
Dr. Karl Rabes  karl.rabes@fau.de  +49 9131 85 25924
Lisa Wittenzellner  lisa.wittenzellner@fau.de  +49 9131 85 25925
Christoph Heynen  christoph.heynen@fau.de  +49 9131 85 25872
Heike Nowak-Schwerdtfeger  heike.nowak@fau.de  +49 9131 85 25923
Klaus Konrad  klaus.konrad@fau.de  +49 9131 85 25922

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