The DTF program is a place to discover your new self. Whether you end up being an entrepreneur or not, DTF offers you tremendous opportunities to grow as a person and find like-minded people. For me, DTF unexpectedly opened a door to the aerospace industry that I had dreamed about. Firstly, I received a lot of support from the DTA network for my space-related student initiative. Secondly, Lisa personally introduced me to a great job opportunity, so I am now working for an early-stage startup that produces innovative batteries for the aerospace industry, and I am super excited about it! Come and see for yourself that DTF is the place where miracles happen.

Oleksandra Derikova
Working Student in Business Development, Excellion


The DTA program embodies the type of experience that international students, like us, aspire to engage in alongside our academic pursuits. This program offered me a platform to pursue my aspirations, facilitating the expansion of my knowledge, connecting me with remarkable peers, and involving me in an exceptional team. We delved deeply into the entrepreneurial journey through workshops, extraordinary coaches, team-building activities, and enlightening startup discussions. The insights and skills I acquired from the DTA program contribute to my personal growth and represent enduring knowledge for a lifetime 🙂

Divya Mittal
Co-founder, Sportbuddy


The DTF Program was an invaluable experience for me. Meeting all these talented and creative people from different backgrounds was amazing, and I have learned so much from them. This program provided me with a new perspective to see the world and myself. I discovered some potential in myself that I never knew I had, which helped me make new career plans for myself: to start a company and build my own business. I highly recommend the DTF Program to anyone who wants to develop professionally and personally 🙂

Baihui Liu
Co-founder, SafetyNet


We were an inspiring group of people with amazing ideas. I am so glad that I was part of this and had the opportunity to work on innovative ideas with like-minded peers. Before DTA, I was just interested in start-ups, but I could never imagine founding one. Fast forward to five, I am working on an idea with people I met during the DTA journey. Without DTA, this would have never happened I am more than grateful for this opportunity.

Moritz Kraus,
Student/Co-founder, FAU/Velo-HR


My journey in Batch 9 of the DTA has been truly transformative. It’s like holding the keys to the future of tech and innovation. This program isn’t just a course; it’s a catalyst for innovation, refining my skills with hands-on training and invaluable mentorship. What truly sets DTA apart is its vibrant community – a melting pot of diverse backgrounds that breeds groundbreaking ideas. It’s here that I’ve learned age, background, and nationality aren’t barriers; they’re the cornerstones of creativity. The knowledge, skills, and network I’ve gained are shaping my future, making DTA not just a program but a game-changer. Don’t miss your chance to join this incredible ride!.

Naveen Narasapura Narasimhappa
Masters in Electromobility, FAU



The DTF Program provides by far the most hands-on training I have experienced in a university setting so far. A crucial element is the amazing community. I got to meet so many inspiring people that made this experience unique and helped me grow personally and professionally. Being the youngest candidate of Batch#8 I was intimidated at first but exactly this diversity (age, background, nationality, etc.) helps in creating new flourishing ideas. I would therefore recommend anyone interested in startups and innovation to take the chance and apply for the future batches.

Karla Horbelt
FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Student


Even though our team stopped working on our idea at the end of the program, we all gained invaluable insights into business design and entrepreneurship. The workshops organized by the DTA team were consistently filled with fun and useful information, always practical and never boring. I would recommend joining the DTA to anyone interested in tech and business!

Nils Jansen
Open Formation GmbH, Software Engineer


DTA was a great platform to learn all the basic methods, techniques, and strategies to launch a successful start-up. Together with the DTA alumni, coaches, and colleagues I shaped my start-up mindset and created an extremely valuable network. I’d participate in DTA anytime again.

Adrian Sauer
Evolonic, Team Lead


The Digital Tech Fellows program was a productive and innovative environment with a great selection of people. Working with these selected creative and bright minds was a great experience. We were able to learn a lot for our journey and watch with excitement the path of the other participants.

Felix Körwer
Evolonic, Team Lead: Business Strategy & Law


In my opinion, the DTF program is the most fun and real-life educational extracurricular activity the FAU has to offer. For anybody wanting to dive into the world of start-ups or wanting to kickstart their career – you can’t get more hands-on practice, support, and valuable input than here. As a bonus the food, trips, and people are great!

Johanna Schlinger
FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Student


The skills that I have acquired during the DTF program are not only beneficial for understanding how a startup can be founded, but also for working in a normal job at a company. I am applying my DTF knowledge almost daily because I regard every data science project that I am working on as its own ‘startup’. DTF also helped me to succeed in the interviews for my job! So you should attend even if you don’t plan to found a startup (now) because you will meet a lot of exceptional people and internalize a new way of tackling problems! DTF is nothing more but the best extracurricular program @FAU!

Tim Löhr,
Apple, Data Scientist


The DTF program was focused on technology and innovation. It was very smooth, everything was well run and nicely digitized, taking place in a comfortable and welcoming environment. I especially appreciated the support of the mentors, who helped us with the issues we faced, and were very warm, approachable, and knowledgeable. My time spent at DTA opened my eyes and broadened my skills, teaching me how to interact with others and approach problem solving.

Hafiz Abdul Haseeb
Adidas AG, Technology Consultant


I started the DTF program with no knowledge of business models. But after completing it I learned to establish and validate them. It’s a great place to learn about innovation, entrepreneurship, and growing your network. The best part of it is that even after you have completed your program, you will get the best help you can.

Priyanka Singh
FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Student


The Digital Tech Fellows program was a very unique journey. I got to learn a lot of things. It built a base for ample opportunities for the future.

Raja Atreja
Siemens Healthineers, Power BI Developer


The FAU Digital Tech Fellows Program was a fantastic journey since it provided a platform that allowed me to gain practical knowledge and experience while enabling me to learn the fundamentals of Innovation and Startup. I wholeheartedly recommend this program because it will not only improve a basic understanding of business and management contexts & environments but also will help to foster relationships with those who have succeeded in them.

Jagyaseni Das
FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Student


The DTA is a journey in which you face many challenges and grow from them! In a mixture of workshops, coaching, and the exchange with founders, you learn everything that you miss in an engineering degree. Especially through work in interdisciplinary teams, I was able to learn a lot of new things. Everyone I have met on this trip has shared their knowledge with pleasure. The knowledge and methods I acquired during this intensive time will accompany me for a long time. Personally and in my career. Truly an amazing experience.

Jonas Bruns
FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Student




The DTF was a great program to have a guided introduction to the world of entrepreneurship. Thinking back it was really inspiring to learn and connect the dots that seem to be independent of each other at the beginning. I had a great time getting to my fellow participants, especially Lorena Niederer, Alice Hachenburg, and Krismin Goh who were part of our team and taking on an idea together. The interdisciplinary work has taught me different mindsets and how important it is for innovation. All in all, it was an absolute pleasure meeting the coaches and fellow participants who have broadened my horizon.

Wanjun Mo,
FAU-Erlangen-Nürnberg, Student


The whole DTF program was very well structured and brought out great potential from each of us. We were truly amazed by how much we could achieve in a short duration. And the instructors were one of the most inspiring and funny people ever!

Aathira Haridas
GE Healthcare, Software Engineer


The DTA was my first point of contact with the topic of founding and the startup ecosystem in general. Through workshops, mentoring, and networking, you get the tools you need to give it a try yourself. Even if innovative ideas don’t always turn into long-lasting startups, the time at the DTA awakens an entrepreneurial spirit in many. As a result, I am still firmly connected to the topic of startups, live out this passion in further projects, and am convinced that even founding a company is still a potential future for me.

Bastian Heinrich
FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Student


The DTF was one of my best experiences during my bachelor degree. I gained new skills and learned to step out of my comfort zone in a way no book nor teacher could have taught me. Learning by doing! The program gave me a safe place to learn and try out new things, surrounded by really smart and inspiring people. The environment and the energy was just great and motivating. And even after the program is still enjoy the alumni events and hope the DTA will always stay as it is: a great network and community, inspiring source of insights and a place to learn and grow individual and as team.

Julia Pham,
Adidas, Intern Content Technologies




The Digital Tech Fellows program is an amazing place to get to know inspiring people and further develop one’s own career. Fellows receive extensive information on starting a business, making it a must to apply for anyone interested in startups.

Franziska Niebler
KPMG Deutschland, Associate Consultant


I am very thankful for the chance of taking part in the DTF program. The greatest achievement was learning how to think outside the box and to focus on the problems – not on the potential solutions in mind. Moreover, I am thankful for the great network and the great people I met at DTA, they are an accelerator for everybody who wants to solve real-life-problems and create an impact.

Paulus Guter
FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Student




The DTF program gave me a unique opportunity to push my boundaries – both personally and professionally. I got a chance to test a business idea and build a prototype, but also lead a team and carry out difficult conversations. The DTA team provided my team and myself with every kind of support that was required – tools, contacts, coaching… I am beyond grateful for that experience!

Jonasz Staszek
FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, AI Researcher


Not only the run through the Business Design Process with my own startup was a unique experience during my studies, but especially the network in the founder scene around the region of Nuremberg, which was created by the Digital Tech Fellows Program bear fruits until today!

Johannes Schilling
Bechtle, IT Business Architect


The Digital Tech Fellows program connected me with some amazing people I can now confidently call very good friends. What I learned during and after my time at DTA can not be compared to what I learned during regular studies and helped me to grow as a person.

Alexander von der Leyen
Sixt, Product Owner


The Digital Tech Fellows program provides a process with a toolbox of methods to elaborate an idea into a validated business model. It’s a great program to learn firsthand how to optimize the parameters of your business idea, and it offers insight into how challenging, but also rewarding it can be when you find the right spot for your startup. Even though our DTF startup The Right Choice is only a side business for us now, I have gained many insights that I can use in my full time job as well.

Ludwig Grobmeyer
TeamBank AG, Product Owner


The DTF program connected me with like-minded co-founders with different backgrounds. Without DTF it would have been hard for a founding team covering all the different skills needed to develop an app like the Right Choice! The DTF program showed us that the user is at the center of everything and this focus on user-centricity is still the biggest factor in every decision we make!

Matthias Rudolph
Novartis, Data Project Manager


DTA gave me a platform to explore and understand the concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship. It helped me to organize my ideas and taught me a stategic approach to move from ideas to prototypes. It helped me build my interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills. The DTF experience is a guideline for me as I continue my professional career in a startup.

Grusha Anandpara
Ifohra GmbH, Project Manager


For me, the DTF program during my Bachelor’s degree was the optimal practical supplement to the theoretical basics taught during my studies. Simply getting the framework in which you can realize your idea with reduced risk and with great coaches taught me a lot. In addition, I made very good friends, and the alumni network of the other participants stays together even after the program is over.

Pascal Penava
Siemens, Working Student in Technology Management


The DTF program was a great experience for me as I learned many skills ranging from ideation to introducing the product in the market. While being a Digital Tech Fellow, I gained more confidence in public speaking and mastered various digital skills. I also learned that life is nothing but a process of improvement in whatever you do. Even today when I have to give examples of mentoring programs, I talk about my experiences at DTF. Lisa and Klaus have always been great support to realize my potential. I can definitely say that the DTF program shaped me in a better way and I am really happy to be a part of it.

Sushmitha Mariyada,
Siemens, System Specialist


The DTF program was a great experience because it brought together so many people with different academic and cultural backgrounds which resulted in discussions with various perspectives and ideas. The mentors provided advice and support to the teams, organized informative workshops, and managed to create a supportive environment where everyone gave constructive feedback, a mindset I still benefit from. During this time “The Right Choice” was created, which developed from an idea to a project and has now grown into a startup. I am very grateful for having had this enriching and formative experience and can definitely recommend it to others.

Laura Vyhnal,
FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Student




The Digital Tech Fellows program helped us set a solid foundation for our startup and grow a vision into a viable company. Even though we were part of the DTF B#4, the community and support remain as strong as they used to be. It is an amazing experience with always someone ready to help if needed.

Spyridon Koustas


I got to know great people and learned how to develop a business idea. I recommend anyone to participate in the DTF program to improve their digital competencies, learn how to build up their business, and expand their network. The program supported not only my professional, but also my personal development.

Vivien-Lisa Bermel
Deutsche Bahn, Consultant


The DTF program allows you to ‘live’ and practice the knowledge gathered about the topics of entrepreneurship, innovation, project, and financial management. Through practice and constant reflection, by the end of the program, I have felt fully equipped to try and start my own business. Although it is just a little dip into the world of entrepreneurship, it is a valuable and empowering experience worth going through 🙂

Anna Kikesheva
Netlight, Product & UX Consultant


It was one of the best decisions I’ve made during my studies to participate in the FAU Digital Tech Fellows program. It not only pushed me on a professional but also on a personal level as I refined my soft skills and made close friends. The dedicated coaches provided us with advice and hands-on tools, but also challenged our ideas constantly. I’d recommend the program to anyone who either is simply interested in entrepreneurship or who already has an idea he/she wants to realize and who’s willing to go that extra mile to make a change. Be prepared to meet great minds, take initiative, be challenged to think out of the box, and accelerate your extracurricular skills in a fun atmosphere.

Dorothee Ritthaler
Medical University of Innsbruck, Student | Libati, Co-Founder


In the DTA I came to understand that the most important component of entrepreneurship, at least for me, is the genuine excitement for the business idea. DTF gave me tools, connections, and knowledge that would give me an edge in developing a product and, ultimately, a startup. But the most important insight I took away was how passion fuels entrepreneurs and innovators.

Mikaela Ollila
CHECK24, Product & Business Development




…Through meetings with founders, workshops, and real-world examples, I learned about topics such as market research, business planning, and financing. These lessons were incredibly helpful, and to this day provide me with the knowledge I can still apply in my current role.

Dr. Anatoli Kalysch
Deutsche Bahn Connect GmbH, Chief Information Security Officer


We are really glad that we started our start-up journey in the FAU Digital Tech Fellows Program as we thoroughly learned to establish and validate a business model and could experience how we work best together as a team. Even now, the DTA and its network support us in our endeavors.

Lucia, Felix & Sebastian


Being part of the FAU Digital Tech Fellows program has been a unique hands-on experience that taught me how to build a start-up and fostered my entrepreneurial workforce. This program provides all of the resources for those ready to take their entrepreneurial journey to the next level. Therefore, I would definitely recommend the FAU DTF program and would encourage all students, especially Ph.D. candidates, to apply for it.

Loui Al Sardy
FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Ph.D. candidate


From our kickoff weekend to the first prototype and the final pitch — the DTF program was an awesome journey. The only way to learn more about how to start up, is to start up. And as an alumni, I am also happy to continue to be a part of the DTF network.

Dr. Stefan Seegerer
IQM Quantum Computers, Quantum Education Manager


Being part of DTA gave me the skills and courage to start my own business and learn what it really means to be an entrepreneur. Since then, I benefit from the spirit and experience I gained as a Digital Tech Fellow. This helped me a lot in running my own business and in many other situations.

Dr.-Ing. Niklas Duda
Diehl Metering, Solution Architect
Dulog, Founder


DTF B#1-2


My DTA journey has so many facets, which still now influence my work. I really appreciated the professional support, especially from the external coaches for first contacts with Lego serious play, trend and market analysis, Business Model Canvas, and more. Thanks a lot to the whole DTA team!

Franziska Schäfer
Siemens, Lead Engineer and agile Coach


The DTF program created space for the hands-on learning experience of how to become an entrepreneur. I am very grateful for being a part of this program and learning from the bests what to do, how to work, and of course gaining the super-power of networking. Although our startup did not make it outside the program, the attitude I look into every day now changed forever. The DTF Program gave me knowledge and confidence for the project I am planning now. Many many thanks for believing in me!

Kateryna Kaidashova
Accenture, Quality Engineering Analyst


The DTF program showed me many important aspects which were helpful when I founded my own start-up in 2019 such as that your customer is as important as your product. We should talk less about how innovative an idea is but start thinking harder about how a product addresses a certain customer need. Try to listen carefully and let your product grow with your customer base. Be flexible, you might end up heading in a different direction.

Andreas Reichle


DTF Coaches and Supporters


The FAU Digital Tech Academy is at the core of FAU‘s strategy. It connects students, entrepreneurs, and innovators across all our faculties and contributes to FAU as the No. 1 Innovator in Germany.

Prof. Dr. Katrin Möslein,
Vice President Outreach FAU


It’s a pleasure as well as an honor to accompany & guide the FAU Digital Tech Fellows on their entrepreneurial journey and help them turn ideas into reality. Working for and which these exceptional talents from FAU is one of the most challenging but also rewarding jobs out there. Every Batch brings so many new insights & learnings for us coaches and changes us sustainably. On top of that the DTA Alumni Community has become such a strong, supportive and powerful network which gives us pride and joy everyday. There is just no better job out there.

Lisa Drescher
Business Design Coach @ DTA,
FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg


Digital Tech Fellows have an unique combination of “They can and they want”. That is why it is such a pleasure working together with them – helping to turn their ideas in tangible learnings for them personally during their educational way – and finally being part of their process where they find their intrinsic motivated journey and passion. That gives me meaning and fulfillment, just wonderful.

Klaus Konrad
Business Design Coach @ DTA,
FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg


I love working at the DTA because of the special spirit that elevates everyone to excel easily, to get the best out of themselves and to grow personally in and with a team. The character of this program is unique and can influence the professional and individual future of our Fellows like no other program at FAU.

Heike Nowak-Schwerdtfeger
Business Design Coach @ DTA,
FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg