FAU Digital Tech Fellows Program

Be Part of Something Unique!

The Digital Tech Academy is our new program open to outstanding digital and innovative talents from all FAU degree programs and faculties! We impart all you need to follow your heart and passion for digitization, entrepreneurship and innovation. Work in interdisciplinary teams, get in touch with expert coaches and mentors, develop your own pristine and validated business model for your start-up and get integrated in our Digital Tech Fellows and start-up network & community.

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What are the benefits of the DTF Program?

Within a 12 weeks Sprint, you will learn the latest state-of-the-art innovation methods and work in interdisciplinary teams on your entrepreneurial challenge. Choose either your own start-up idea or one of the highly enticing projects from the other participants.
You’ll work with 20 other handpicked talents from FAU as well as participants from our partner companies and our international expert coaches and mentors – a unique chance to widen your professional network globally. There is no place you can’t learn something for your start-up!

All these skills and networks we provide will distinguish you significantly from other founders and entrepreneurs in your later work-life. And at the end of that sprint, you’ll have developed your own pristine and validated business model empowering you to enter your chosen market.

Upon successfull completion of the program, each participant will also receive an official certificate by FAU at the end of the program.

  • “I applied for the FAU Digital Tech Fellows Program to practically learn and experience how to build a start-up, not in theory.”
    Martin Kaller – Team Roadius

  • “From our kickoff weekend, to the first prototype, and the final pitch — the DTF program was an awesome journey. The only way to learn more about how to start up, is to start up.”
    Stefan Seegerer – Team Talos

  • “I was amazed by how many things we tried and learned by just getting started and validating over and over again but also failing at some point but then getting back up really improves your process and your personal learnings”
    Lucia Grom-Baumgarten – Team Arfinity

  • “The FAU Digital Tech Academy is at the core of FAU‘s strategy. It connects students, entrepreneurs and innovators across all our faculties and contributes to FAU as the No. 1 Innovator in Germany.”
    Prof. Dr. Katrin Möslein – Vice President Outreach Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg

  • “In the FAU Digital Tech Fellows Program you get to know a lot of like-minded people and spend 12 weeks working alongside them on start-up projects. Essentially, the FAU Digital Tech Fellows Program brought me together with my co-founder Stefan and gave us a roadmap for structuring our start-up journey!”
    Anatoli Kalysch – Team Talos

What are the projects and objectives?

As mentioned, you can work either on your own start-up idea, or on a project from our company partners with their participants – after the 12 weeks program you will have:
+ a validated Business Model
+ a validated Market Potential
+ a validated Financial Plan
+ defined / work in progress prototypes

What happens during this 12 weeks Sprint?

You will successfully complete many workshops which are organized as Block-Seminars on Fridays / Saturdays to make it easier for you to participate along your regular curriculum.
You get guided through the end-to-end Business Design  process by learning each step of it by the following program:

In addition to the program we provide several digitization enabler too.
+ Workshops, Hackathons, Events: Learn how to bring hardware/product together with software and what value add is created for the customers.
+ Franken Finance Festival: Learn what possibilities you have to get your start-up financed and setup the contacts you need into the world of investors.

On top of that you will get a complete overview of FAU’s great innovation ecosystem!

How do I register?

The next Batch#9 Digital Tech Fellows program will take place during the summer semester 2023 from April until July 2023. The application will be open from November 2022 until February 2023. Please subscribe to our FAU spin-off newsletter Existency if you want to keep you posted for the next application opportunity or follow us on Linkedin or Instagram.
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Please find here the full program and schedule of Batch #9: