DTA Affiliated Startups

There have not only been successfull start-ups coming out directly from our Batches in the Digital Tech Fellows Program. Our so-called DTA affiliated start-ups were (co-)founded by former DTF participants upon completion of the Digital Tech Fellows Program. We are proud to see that the DTF program sparked the entrepreneurial spirit in these guys and are excited for the future!



HOREICH develops and produces highly reliable IoT radio transmission units for all kind of sensor types to continously monitor operating parameters in construction and industry. The systems can be deployed anywhere without requiring additional base stations. HOREICH offers a comprehensive digital package through the connected online platform. The customer has to choose the sensor, and they take care of the wireless connectivity and cloud.



Andreas Reichle, CEO at HOREICH UG


Johannes Brätz, Kilian Brätz, Johann Schramm, Co-Founders of Fyzo, and Fyzo team

Fyzo builds intelligent software applications for an improved treatment process in physiotherapy. It offers two main products: fyzo Coach for patients, and fyzo Assistant for therapists. The fyzo Coach accompanies patients and helps them to fill out the documents before the treatment course, supports them with exercises at home, and continues to accompany them long after the actual therapy has ended. The fyzo Assistant saves therapists time and makes work easier. With just a few clicks, administrative tasks are completed and legally compliant reports and documentation are created.

fyzo.de    fyzo



Dulog is an animal logging system that provides cutting edge solutions for animal research. The focus is on customized ultra light-weight wireless sensor networks for proximity logging. Other areas include data loggers tailored for specific research questions and other kind of sensor systems. With less than 1gram per tag, Dulog supports researchers in tracking various activities of even the lightest species.


Dr.-Ing. Niklas Duda, Founder of Dulog


Hannes Scholz and Fabian Sperling, Co-Founders of Carbonsate

Carbonsate allows companies to compensate their carbon emissions. They offer high-quality negative emission credits from forest ecosystems. By purchasing them, a company can permanently remove one tonne of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, achieving its net zero goals withou greenwashing. Among other otions, Carbonsate uses storing wood for carbon removal. They help to transform forests into more resilient ecosystems and store millions of tonnes of carbon.





Sontal is a Germany-wide installer of renewable energy systems. From classic solar systems to e-mobility and heat pumps, Sontal is contributing its part to a sustainable future.


Sontal GmbH

Johannes Geiger, Founder and CEO at Sontal



IBLATECH is a technology company specializing in guiding medium-sized businesses on their journey into the digital future. IBLATECH develops powerful websites and online shops. Additionally, IBLATECH supports companies in making their business processes more cost-effective, efficient, and automated through the use of cutting-edge technologies and AI-based applications.

iblatech.de   IBLATECH

@iblatech.de @iblatech




Highlights e.V

Highlights e.V. is an international non-profit organization that offers young people unique opportunities to receive non-formal education on crucial topics such as self-leadership, mental health, sustainability, physical and mental well-being, and entrepreneurship. To achieve these objectives, the organization utilizes various formats, including Youth Exchanges, Training Courses, Workshop Series, and Role-plays. Operating both in Germany and across Europe, the organization has ongoing projects in countries like Turkey, Spain, Portugal, and Poland.

Fueled by Erasmus+ funding, contributions from local donor companies, and government subsidies, Highlights e.V. is committed to carrying out its mission with a focus on the principles of diversity, integrity, empowerment, and creativity. The organization is dedicated to pursuing a more sustainable and empowered future for young minds.