Entrepreneur Program

FAU Silicon Valley Spring School

The FAU Silicon Valley Spring School offers a unique experience in the global center of digital technology and innovation: a Silicon Valley entrepreneurship deep dive for leaders and learners!

This program invites you to join an exciting group of outstanding students, entrepreneurial academics and industry innovators. Together, you will visit leading companies such as the current and future Googles, Teslas or Facebooks. Exclusive networking events, lectures and case study sessions with leading entrepreneurs, business representatives and academic innovators will be part of the program.

Innovative approaches, entrepreneurial spirit and digital business models will capture your mind for almost two weeks between the 21st and 29th March 2019.

Key Facts


Preliminary Program Outline



Program Benefits for FAU Students

+ Join an unforgettable week with a multitude of different activities such as case studies, presentations, soft skill trainings and meetings with experienced entrepreneurs in an interactive learning environment
+ Make an outstanding contribution to your own professional development and unique opportunity to upgrade your CV
+ Use the unique chance to interact in an interdisciplinary team to widen your analytical skills and creative thinking
+ Work on current topics to deepen your interests in innovation, entrepreneurship and digitalization
+ Explore networking options with business representatives, professors and expand your professional network globally


Program Benefits for FAU Staff & Scholars

+ Share your passion for innovation, new technologies and entrepreneurship with a selected group of participants from different academic backgrounds
+ Experience a complementary approach to teaching within an extracurricular certificate program from FAU
+ Discover new approaches, high-level information and scientific methods in a professional environment
+ Put your work and academic papers up for discussion and receive feedback from interdisciplinary teams
+ Take on different perspectives to hone your creative thinking skills and gain insights from related fields for your research area

Program Benefits for Industry Representatives

+ Experience professional events, join fruitful discussions and attend interactive workshops at reputable San José State University being the oldest university in California
+ Strategize and network with FAU’s first-class students, academics and experts on the latest trends in Silicon Valley
+ Take the opportunity to headhunt talented students and doctorates for a future career in your company and foster your company’s relationship with FAU
+ Build awareness of your business’ opportunities and discover innovative methods to tackle current challenges
+ Contribute to your organization’s competitiveness by demonstrating and improving your leadership strengths in diverse, international teams

Application Process for FAU Students (Bachelor and Master)

Please apply by following these steps:

  • Download the application form for students here
  • Fill out the application in English and save it on your desktop
  • Send the completed form together with your CV, your academic certificate(s) and your language certificate(s) to dta-dte@fau.de

Application Process for FAU PhD Students, Early Career Scholars, Professors and Professionals, Alumni and Industry Representatives

Please apply by following these steps:

  • Download the application form for professionals here
  • Fill out the application form in English and save it on your desktop
  • Send the completed form together with your CV to dta-dte@fau.de
    (Instead of a CV, you can send a link to the details on your FAU CRIS page alternatively)